Royales Chambres
(Royal Chambers)

The Royalty of the Age of the Throne are Parisians just like you and other citizens, yet they have special functions, powers, and responsibilities that are crucial to building and maintaining the success of France.

Their characters are based on real people and the information in the Royal Chambers have been gleaned from a myriad of sources to give you a historical reference. If you know of a fact that I missed or misrepresented please email me with the information.

Queen Anne of Austria
Cardinal Bishop Mazarin
Madame de Chevreuse
de Rohan-Montbazon
King Louis XIII
Comte Tréville,
Governor de Foix
Cardinal Richelieu,
the Red Eminence
Monseigneur Colbert

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**All paintings found in the Royal Chambers are historical portraits**

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