Les Ateliers
(The Workshops)

The carpenters of the city are busy indeed with keeping the homes of the nobility richly furnished. Here is a peek into what some of them are working on and have planned for the future. This area will also serve the creators as a guide so that overlapping designs can be avoided.

If you happen to have trouble finding just the right word for your design, then check out this special page which has a list of descriptive words on it just for the creators!!

(a pair of dainty bells)
Lorenzo L'ame Errante Joao le Portugais
Maitre d'Avis
Arena de Montmorency
(an orange blossom)
Willow des Rves
(a single, graceful willow leaf)
Quintana d'Loup
(a small snapdragon)
Katerine del Lafrenay
(cat paw prints)
Monroe Folliot
(interlocking greek letters of alpha and omega)
(a crescent moon)
Marielle de Breton
(ornate initials of mdb)
Aymee Brosa
(three cherries)
Roland Garand
(a small g)
Malik Belliveau
(a golden eagle head)
(a small lyre)
Aodhhan du Plessis
(a griffon in flight)
Lisbette le Lavendier
(a pair of curious dragonflies encircling the gracefully drawn initials ll)

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Carpenters please note: When you are creating your pieces keep in mind that there are basically 3 catagories it can fall under - low, average and high. Though each piece is looked at individually to determine the price, using the appropriate % will help the Royal Family know where to start.

These are general guidelines only and may vary slightly: LOW = 150-200%, AVERAGE = 200-275% and HIGH = 300-400%. Anything over 400% is considered ROYAL, which we cannot design unless commissioned, and will be bumped down to the HIGH catagory hence wasting your %

Also keep in mind that there are to be NO COMMAS in the room or inventory descriptions:
blueprint pages 1, 2, 4 and 5.

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