Bordées Armes
(Edged Weapons)

Since ancient times, swords and daggers have been used as not only tools for every day use and the battlefield but to show the status of the warrior. Nobility also used swords to show status and for ceremonial purposes.

Swords are the weapon of choice for the skilled fighter or duellist in Paris. You will find many different types and styles available to suit any fighting style, that have varying speeds and damage potential.

Ladies Gilded Jeweled
Allure Shining Masamune
Deadly Lion-Claw  
Mercenary Rapier Decorated
BastardSword Drusus Estoc
Falchion Katana Ninja-To
Scimitar Sapara Great-Scimitar
Two-Handed Wakizashi BroadSword
Daisho Thin-Rapier Iron
Sciamachy Hamidashi Black-Bird
Dark-Knight Holy Machaira

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