Seuls Éléments
(Unique  Items)
As in all elite society, there are items that are considered for the privileged or favoured by Royalty and not available for sale in the common shops. Some of these are rewards given by Their Majesties for service rendered, delightful court behavior or as prizes in Crown sponsored games and contests within the Realm. Others are items that may be specially crafted for the homes of descerning members of upper society . The following items are greatly sought after by any Noble worth their salt. Or in the case of some.....avoided!

Also included here are those items that are for the Royal House only, including the Royal Family's crowns!
Cadeaux aux Citoyens
(Gifts to Citizens)
Seul Décor
(Unique Decor)
de la Maison Royal Seulement
(Of the Royal House Only)

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