Droit et Faux pour Feindre
(Do's and Don'ts of RP)

This is a list of Do's and Don'ts of Roleplay as per Age of the Throne and gathered from the players themselves. Some are pet peeves, some are just common courtesy and some are unwritten "rules" that most abide by. If there is a particular one that is missing please email me and if it's a good one will be added

DO Bow or Curtsey to the Royal Family when the enter a room to show them respect and fealty
DO Bow or Curtsey to those of a higher title ONLY. A smile or nod to those lower in title then yourself suffices in greeting
DON'T Expect those of a higher title to Bow or Curtsey to you if you're a lower noble
DO Show those members of upper nobility the proper respect through words and actions
DON'T Use only part of a title if you wish to address someone by their title
IE Don't call a Grande ArchDuchess just ArchDuchess, it is two (2) different titles
DON'T Have a friend 'hold' artifacts for you while you are away from the game
DON'T Hold artifacts while sitting at a club or someplace that does not have a Counsellor present
DON'T Use GET ALL triggers, they're excessively rude and annoying especially at a Social Gathering
DON'T Use ArchSight to join a party you weren't asked to join
DON'T Use overly sexual acts and/or remarks in public places, especially scroll kissing
DO Act like a member of the Clergy if you are and not just use the Church to hide behind like common riffraff
DON'T Use triggers during Mass, it's distracting
DON'T Kill an area's mobiles if someone is already doing so, unless you are invited or it's a special circumstance such as an Experience Quest
DON'T Join in the Special Quests with only five (5) minutes left before it ends
DON'T Ask for #!&$ unless you've said hello and asked how one is doing
DON'T Pester someone for Favours, Purges, Recommends or Honours if you don't normally speak to them or aren't friends with them
DON'T Use a NewBorn's lack of knowledge to not give them a fair cut of the Guantlet if they've contributed to the collection
DON'T Keep up constant OOC chatter, especially within the Royal Palace (The Louvre)
DO Remember the time period Age of the Throne is set in

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