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This is a list of other sites players have put together for Age of the Throne. If you have a related website you'd like to see added please email me and it will be added for all to peruse

Age of the Throne This is the official homepage to Age of the Throne. From here you can connect to the game via a java applet, download maps of the city, see who is currently online, read recent news and events, look over player profiles, access help files, find charges and how to pay, see the terms/conditions of play and find a list of contacts.

This site is owned and maintained by:
AOTT Xtreme If you are new to AOTT then this is THE must have site for you! AOTTXtreme has tips, hints and tricks to get you started quickly and easily.
If you are an AOTT veteran then this is where you'll find your library, meeting hall and town crier. You'll find topics ranging from tips on travelling, the latest whispered news and gossip, what's in style and who's who among other things. Even a place to tell others about yourself and learn about your neighbors. A definate MUST see!!

This site is owned and maintained by:
Arena de Montmorency
Matias Portugal This page has an in-depth look at the regiments in Age of the Throne. From their creedos to their uniforms, everything you need to know about the regiments is found here.


This site is owned and maintained by:
Joao Matias
Picardy Foot Regiment If you're considering joing the Picardy Foot Regiment, then this site is for you! Dedicated to the Picardy Foot, this site has information regarding the page plus a little more in the way of helps and hints for those thinking of joining a regiment.


This site is owned and maintained by:
Lytha Cafe Doux
Charles' Page of Information A good resource for a quick take on some commands and an great breakdown of employment requirements & benefits.

This site is owned and maintained by:
Charles McKensie
The Diary of a Young Lady A delightful site that allows you a peek into the diary of mademoiselle Becky Harlowe with entries of her personal thoughts on the city of Paris.

This site is owned and maintained by:
Becky Harlowe
Flourish A useful and knowledgable site that gives numerous pointers in setting up zMud utilites for AOTT play.

This site is owned by:
Jeanna de Valois
Eli's Guide to Age of the Throne A quick shot of assistance for those needing a bit of help with roleplay issues including Cuisinier resources.

This site is owned and maintained by:
Eliaya Linoge

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