Celtic Knot Tattoo
Celtic Knot Tattoo Close-up
Lizard Tattoo
I only have 2 tattoos at the moment, but do plan on getting more. I am going to be learning the art soon as well as piercing (which I have none other then in my ears)!!
This is a Celtic knot with dragons in it (they may be birds but I prefer to think of them as dragons). It is on my right upper arm (as you can see from the far left picture). This was my second which I got done in State College, PA. The day I received this was the day my Mom got hers! It was a family outing!!
This is "Gibson", named by friends of mine in college. He is my very first tattoo which I got done in Ann Harbor, MI over 10 years ago! He is almost as bright now as he was then, very little color loss. I babied him ALOT. It was my last year of college and I was just dying to have one so a very good friend of mine designed him for me (college was an art school).
I have decided to include the next design, on my lower back,  I am getting for everyone to see! This is actually from a flash sheet with a few modifications to suit my personal tastes. First one I've evern seen from a flash sheet that I just had to have! Everything else I have stashed away for when finances allow more inking done is either my own design or found elsewhere.
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