Dracolings are a creation for our MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) set on the world of Ndari. These small beautiful creatures are companions to the Immortals of Ndari. As I finish the painted version of them I will add them to this page, eventually they will go onto the Dragon Relms homepage along with portraits of all of the Immortals. But for now they are here for all to enjoy, along with a little bit of information on them and to whom they belong.
Shard (Crystal Dracoling)
Companion: Khelben
Crystal dracolings are a translucent crystal (Moonlight and Sunlight cause them to luminesce, while bright sunlight lends them a dazzling brilliance which makes them almost unbearable to look at). They prefer to eat gems and metal ores to all other foods. Shard uses a breath weapon of electricity.
Sparky (Blue Dracoling)
Companion: Dreklyr
Blue dracolings are iridescent blue to deep indigo. They are able to consume nearly anything, however, they are particularly fond of herd animals, such as camels and they will gorge themselves on caravans of the creatures which they cook with a lightning bolt. Sparky uses a breath weapon of lightning.
Doom (Deep Dracoling)
Companion: Azhjanie
Deep dracolings are maroon. They have been known to eat almost anything, but they particularly prize the flesh of clams, fish, kuo-toa and aboleth. Doom uses a breath weapon of acid.
Drip (Mist Dracoling)
Companion: Reine
Mist dracolings are shiny blue-white and blue-grey with metallic flecks. They can eat almost anything , including woody plants  and even mud. However, they draw most of their sustenance directly from natural mist or spray. Drip uses a breath weapon of ice.
Storm (Cloud Dracoling)
Companion: Aidan
Cloud dracolings are silver-white, sunset orange and red gold. They can eat just about anything. They seem to subsist primarily on rain water, hailstones and the ocassional bit of silver. Storm uses a breath weapon of frost.
Streak (Silver Dracoling)
Companion: Calandra
Silver dracolings are a gleaming silver. They prefer human food and can live on such fare indefinately. Streak uses breath weapons of ice and gas
Torch (Gold Dracoling)
Companion: Malevent
Gold dracolings are a brilliant sparkling gold.They can eat almost anything, however, they usually sustain themselves on pearls or small gems. Torch uses breath weapons of  fire and gas.